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The Y.A.P. Philosophy: Skills → Experience → Impact

Africa’s youth, comprising 70% of the population, face significant employability challenges compared to their counterparts in advanced economies.The Y.A.P Career Centre emerged as a solution to bridge the skills gap and address youth unemployment in Nigeria and Africa.

Our mandate is clear: To empower African youth through Education, Entrepreneurship, and Skill Acquisition.

What We Offer

Resilience & Attitude Development:

Transitioning into adulthood can be daunting. Y.A.P provides support to foster resilience and positive attitudes toward education, career choices, and life.

Mentorship & Life Skills:

Our trained staff mentor youths on independent living, wellness, employability, self-esteem, and building positive relationships.

Experience & Impact:

Y.A.P emphasizes learning through experience. Participants engage in internships, skills training, and character-building activities to prepare for successful careers or entrepreneurship.

“The beautiful thing about learning is nobody can take it away from you” B.B King

Facts about Y.A.P

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Levels of Y.A.P


Foundation in personal and professional development.


Deep dive into career exploration and planning.


Gain practical experience through internships and industry placements.


Preparation for transition into the professional world.


Comprehensive support for career growth and entrepreneurship.


Fast-track advancement for graduates and young professionals.

Why Choose Y.A.P?

Resilience & Values

We guide youths to develop resilience and positive values.

Employability Skills & Internships

Enhance chances of employability and entrepreneurship through soft skills and internships.

Community Engagement

Empower youths to engage, innovate, and impact their communities.

International Opportunities

Access international boot camps, exchange programmes, language school, and study abroad scholarships.

University Application and Visa Support

Guidance and support throughout the study abroad scholarship application process, including visa assistance.

Don't miss this opportunity to unlock your potential and shape a brighter future for your fulfillment and impact!

Clients reviews

What people say?

It has been so educative that I don’t feel like ending the class. YAP gave me a push to pull through the stagnant state I have been over the years. Now I have a better knowledge of my identity, where to fit to produce the success that will affect my generation.
Agunbiade Ifeoluwa
Interned at Bovas & Company Limited
YAP has transformed the way I see myself and think. I get up now in the morning feeling motivated and energized. I feel now that there is nothing I cannot do. I believe in myself now. I have direction and I am more focused. Thank you, YAP, you are all amazing!
Taye Chiamaka Konyeha
Worked with Andela

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